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South African Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS (SABCOHA)

March 2010 – Date
We have been working with SABCOHA since March 2010. We have been training formal and informal Small entrepreneurs on how to start a business, marketing a small or micro business, assessing the risks for a small business, including HIV/AIDS. We have trained an average of 300 people per year since year 2010, in Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg Metro, West Rand, Mogale, and Sedibeng local municipalities.


February – May 2015
WE trained 12 EPWP beneficiaries from NGOs in the Maluti A Phufong local municipality in the Free State. All the learners have been trained, assessed, moderated and are awaiting verification. The skills programmes they were trained on are from the qualification 49872: FETC Victim Empowerment Co-ordination. Below are the unit standards that we trained.
120082: Provide interventions in gender violence
120084: Establish and maintain strategic partnerships and referral systems in the Victim Empowerment
120079: Provide support to victims of serious violent crime
110023: Present information in report format


June – May 2015
We are training 25 Lay counsellors from Ekurhuleni Metro on the course 49256: NQF Level 4: FET Certificate: Counselling accredited by the HIWSETA. The learners are currently on their experiential learning phase of the course in Primary Healthcare centres in the Ekurhuleni metro.


July – August 2007
We trained 25 lay counsellors from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Health District on the 10 day Basic HIV/AIDS Counselling and 3 days Adherence Counselling. The course offered was not accredited but was based on the course outline but it was course approved by the department at the time.

May – July 2011
We trained 50 Community Health Workers a skills programme from the unit standards 114491: Educate and work closely with the community with regard to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS); 264260: Facilitate a peer education intervention . The skills programme is accredited by the HWSETA.

All learners found competent were certificated. We also trained 50 lay counsellors on adherence counseling. The unit standards 252510: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV and AIDS, other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Tuberculosis (TB) for counselling purposes and 117507: Develop and implement a client ARV treatment plan were used as per the department of health’s specifications.

May 2013 – April 2014
We trained 20 Lay counsellors on the course 49256: NQF Level 4: FET Certificate: Counselling accredited by the HIWSETA. Out of the 20, only 14 were able to successfully complete the course.


March – April 2010
We trained 75 learners from Sedibeng local municipality, Johannesburg Metro and the Wet Rand. Learners were trained on the basic concepts of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Peer education. The programme was not accredited but had been designed and delivered based on the specifications from the Department of Agriculture.